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Welcome to Retro Garden, a site dedicated to finding and reviewing classic games, offering advice on Retro Gaming, and generally providing a warm and fluffy community for gamers to find out about games and old consoles. So if you're from the generation where "Waggling your joystick in your bedroom" was not a euphemism, or are dabbling your feet in retro games to begin with, then you will hopefully find some use to this site.

Latest Retro Gaming Reviews

Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold

When ID Software released Wolfenstein 3D, one of the other things they did which was superb was release the engine behind it. As such, lots of games were released using the same engine. In this review, Jake Parr reviews Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold, one such game that uses the Wolfenstein 3D engine. But what's it like to play?

Duke Caribbean: Life’s a Beach Review

It's time to kick ass, and chew bubblegum...on the beach! Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach is a add on pack for Duke Nukem 3D, building on the bikini nature of some of the sprites, with Hawaiian shirt hogs, and water pistols instead of normal pistols. In this review, Jake Parr takes a look at this add on pack for the Duke.

Dr. Mario Review

The Game Boy was in no shortage of puzzle games. With it's long battery life and simple gameplay, it seemed puzzlers and Nintendo's first handheld worked well together. There were loads, and Jake Parr reviews a game that - like Tetris - appeared on another system first. Dr. Mario.

Total Carnage Review

Total Carnage was an interesting game. Forget big money, forget big prizes. We love them, but we need to sort out the crisis in the Middle East. Total Carnage is not the smash hit (no pun intended) the prequel Smash TV was, but in this review, Jake Parr will look at whether the game was actually any good.

Blood: Plasma Pak Review

The mid 90's saw a boom for PC's, as the prices dropped just enough to create a gaming PC, and a the genre of games that saw the most growth were the things that PC's did better than most were First Person Shooters. In this review, Jake Parr reviews one of the packs behind one of the forgotten games - The Blood Plasma Pak.

Play Blackpool Tickets On Sale

The first weekend of May sees the return of Play Blackpool, a large Retro Gaming Event in Blackpool, England. This event saw it's debut last year, and it's one of the must-visit events of 2015. Find out more about where to get tickets and where to buy in this post here.

Cameltry Review

In the early 90's, the technology plateaued and arcade games were relatively cheap to produce. As such, games went through a period of experimentation. Some were terrible, but some were pretty good and spawned sequels and made their companies a lot of money. In this review, Jake Parr takes a look at one such game, the Marble Madness clone, Cameltry.

Doom II – Hell to Pay Review

Doom 2 was an incredible game. It built on the originals qualities but didn't water anything down. As a result, a bunch of expansion packs came out. In this review, Jake Parr reviews a expansion patch - Doom 2: Hell to Pay.

Duke Xtreme Review

In the mid 90's, as a way to add a cash to a successful product, expansion packs were released. These were occasionally in house, but sometimes were released by a separate company. In this review, new reviewer Jake Parr reviews one of these third party packages - Duke Xtreme.