Commodore 64 Games For The Wii

c64logothumb.jpgWe first announced this a few weeks ago, but the day is finally here. Wii’s Virtual Console now stocks Commodore 64 games.

The first two games – Uridium and International Karate – will worry a few retro gamers as these games are on the 30-in-1 DTV Joystick that was released a few years back, but personall I’m excited. A whole new generation gets to experience games on a fantastic system.

In honour of this news, we have brought forward our review of Uridium for the world to see. Go check it out.

It remains to be seen what other games will come out for the system. I’m secretly hoping for The Detective Game, Flimbo’s Quest and the Creatures series. What would you like to see?

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