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Welcome to Retro Garden, a site dedicated to finding and reviewing classic games, offering advice on Retro Gaming, and generally providing a warm and fluffy community for gamers to find out about games and old consoles. So if you're from the generation where "Waggling your joystick in your bedroom" was not a euphemism, or are dabbling your feet in retro games to begin with, then you will hopefully find some use to this site.

Latest Retro Gaming Reviews

Mega Man X2 Review

Ah, Mega Man. One of the stars of the 8-bit era that transitioned nicely into the 16 bit era. In this review, Dante Mathis reviews one of the stars of the 16 bit system, the rather brilliant (if difficult) Mega Man X-2.


30 Years of Nintendon’t – A New Sega Megadrive Game from Dr. Ludos

We covered Dr. Ludos' range of games before on the site - fun, new games built on old hardware. Today we're going to look at their Sega Megadrive offering to promote an anniversary of a classic Megadrive advert campaign - 30 Years of Nintendon't.


Twisted Metal III Review

With the recent announcement of the Playstation Classic, people have been speculating what games are to be included. One decent shout for a series that could feature is the Twisted Metal series. I've waxed lyrical about the second version, but what of the third version? In this review, Jake "The Voice" Parr reviews the sequel to one of the all time classics for the PS1 - Twisted Metal III.


WIN a Autographed CD of Video Game Composer Lee Jackson’s New Album – Calibrations!

We have teamed up with classic video game composer Lee Jackson (who composed soundtracks such as Duke Nukem 3D & Rise of the Triad) to give away an autographed copy of his brand new CD - Calibrations. Written for the 20th anniversary of Duke Nukem 3D, this CD contains the entire soundtrack and a bonus interview with Lee. Find out how to enter here!


The Legend of Zelda Review

Often on this site I like to think myself and volunteers review some hidden gems - games you may not be that familiar with, but you want to check out. Other times, we may review games that turn out to be fantastic and you may already be aware of them, but they turn into love letters to the game and franchise. Today is no exception. In this review, Dante Mathis reviews The Legend of Zelda for the NES.


Log Jammers: Kickstarter Campaign is Live

We've covered Mega Cat Studios games before on the site - the excellent tiny Nintendo freelance developers. Anyway, they've contacted us regarding their brand new game - the rather excellent Log Jammers. Here's what makes it unique and worthy of your dollars.


TimeSplitters Review

Timesplitters was an absolute belting game. With a definite multiplayer focussed vibe with unique characters, it was Playstation's answer to franchises such as GoldenEye and Perfect Dark. In this review, Jake "The Voice" Parr reviews this game and how it stands up today...


Glover Review

Another N64 Review, and another review of a platformer. This one had the icon of one game, Glover. But what's it like to play? In this review Dante Mathis reviews this N64 game and an attempt at an icon.


Power UP Exhibition in Museum of Science & Industry, Manchester

Last weekend I was fortunate to attend the Power UP! gaming festival in Manchester's Museum of Science & Industry. How does it compare to many of the other festivals that exist right now? In this review, you can check out the festival and whether you should attend (you should).