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Retro Garden aims to become the premier website for news, tips, reviews of Retro Games. I bought the domain in 2006 and didn’t do anything with it. Eventually, I decided to do something and made this website.

I have been playing games now for over 15 years, starting in early 1992 with the Commodore 64. In my time, I have owned the Commodore 64, Snes, Nes, Megadrive, Game Gear, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Dreamcast, Atari ST, Sega Saturn, Sony Playstation, Playstation 2, X Box 360, PC and Nintendo Wii. However, this couldn’t whet my appetite, and I spent most of my Saturdays in the amusement arcades.

Like any decent retro gamer, I believe that games were never as good as they once were, so I’m using this site to educate people on games they should play, not games PR Types want you to play . Enjoy!

About The Authors

Rhys Wynne – Editor

My love affair with computer games began in Christmas 1992, with a Christmas Present of a Commodore 64. It was to end 24 hours later when it broke, but reborn when we got a replacement. Despite being at the end of the computer’s development cycle, I spent over 4 years lovingly playing the games on it, as well as obtaining a Gameboy and NES thanks to my brothers. In 1996 I got another major console – the Super Nintendo, and loved the games released for it. Christmas 1999 brought me a Sony Playstation, and I never looked back since then.

Since having a job and no long term relationship, most of my money goes on my two main interests, traveling and gaming. This site is dedicated to retro gaming, but as well I will mention newer gaming – remakes of games for modern systems, upcoming franchise revivals or games that appeal to people like me, which I hope will appeal to people like you.

Howard Jones – Author

Born in front of a ZX81, Howard has spent almost 28 years constantly in front of a computer, either fixing them or playing games on them. Thanks to a small mid-life crisis, he has a varied collection of consoles and games which are slowly making their way back onto eBay.

His favourite games include Mass Effect, Chaos, Zelda on the SNES, Xybots, and, purely because of sentiment, Afterburner. He finds most modern games unchallenging and shallow, relying on HD graphics and online deathmatching as a poor substitute for good plot and storyline.

As well as fixing broken computers and coming up with mad ways to support phones and PCs, he spends most of his time writing stories and articles, trolling people on YouTube, and showering profusely.

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