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What is the difference between Namco and Namcot?

Eyebrows were raised when the Namcot Collection was released a few years ago. Sure, everybody is familiar with Namco – with their excellent arcade games (read our Tekken 2 Review, Point Blank Review, and Aqua Jet Review), but Namcot? Is that correct? I first became aware of Namcot when I began my retro game collection, […]

The Codemasters 4 Quattro Compilation with SIX Games On It

For those of us of a certain age in the UK, Codemasters were a welcome beast of a games publisher. A large publishing house founded in 1986, Codemasters games were budget games that were available everywhere where games are sold, and a fair few where games weren’t. You’d often find a rack of them in […]

Welcome to the New Garden

Did you miss me? I’ve been working away on a few things behind the scenes, and today I’m delighted to announce that there is a brand new lick of paint on Retro Garden.

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