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Visiting the Krakow Arcade Museum & Krakow Pinball Museum in Poland

In 2016 I went to the Krakow Pinball Museum. I wrote about it previously on the blog. However at lot has changed in 6 years and thankfully the pinball museum has thrived, with more space and a larger area. I returned to the venue in 2022 and also checked out the Krakow Arcade Museum. So my question to you is, should you go? This video and article will let you know.

What is the difference between Namco and Namcot?

Eyebrows were raised when the Namcot Collection was released a few years ago. Sure, everybody is familiar with Namco – with their excellent arcade games (read our Tekken 2 Review, Point Blank Review, and Aqua Jet Review), but Namcot? Is that correct? I first became aware of Namcot when I began my retro game collection, […]

The Codemasters 4 Quattro Compilation with SIX Games On It

For those of us of a certain age in the UK, Codemasters were a welcome beast of a games publisher. A large publishing house founded in 1986, Codemasters games were budget games that were available everywhere where games are sold, and a fair few where games weren’t. You’d often find a rack of them in […]

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