Retro Garden Forum!

Retro Garden has been a little quiet recently, I admit. Computer failure with all my articles on it meant I have been unable to review games, or post up one of my pre-written articles. As a way of saying sorry, I have created a Forum, enjoy!

Interplay Games Come To Wii’s Virtual Console

Wii gamers will now get an added treat shortly from their Virtual Console. Interplay games – who’s classics include Earthworm Jim and not so classics include Boogerman – have announced four of their games are coming out for the Wii, but are they any good? We find out.

Retro Joysticks for the Wii

Joysticks! We’ve all got our favourites, we’ve all got our least favourites (Atari Jaguar), but Nintendo have resurrected two of the best for the Wii – the Neo Geo and the Super Nintendo. Play those games like they should be played (yes Neo Geo’s joystick was perfect for Beat-em-ups)

Rate-ro Garden

Thing something I write is rubbish? Or a game isn’t given the justice it deseves by me? Well now you can rate your own games and reviews! All reviews now have a 5 star rating system, so you can say if a game is brilliant or rubbish. Read this article for further information.

Commodore 64 Games For The Wii

Today, Wii gamers got a nice little treat in their Friday game release schedule. There was an average N64 game (Cruisin USA), but the more exciting news was the release of Uridium and International Karate – Commodore 64 games. Ladies and Gentlemen, new games are going to experience real gaming.

Sega Master System Games Coming To The Wii

The latest console to come to the Wii is the Sega Master System – Sega’s 8 Bit offering against the Nintendo Entertainment System. The Master System games – Fantasy Zone and Wonder Boy – are coming to the Wii Virtual Console. Games are 400 points, but I ask questions. Are they worth getting?

Arcades Are Rubbish Now – Build Your Own Instead

Ah arcades. The last bastion of videogaming culture. They were able to play games that you couldn’t play on home systems. It was my dream to own and live in an arcade. Thankfully, as the arcade generation is growing up, this is becoming a reality for more and more people. Here – curteosy of – is one of the best. Luna City Arcade in Virginia.

British Cosplayers Set a World Record

British gamers – which are the best in the world – have proved their geekiness and determination. A large proportion of them have won the award for the “biggest gathering of gamers dressed up as game characters” ever. Bravo! We taught the world so much, nice for us to steal a tradition and become better than the founding country at it. Makes a change.

Dreamcast Users Get Scammed

Sega’s loyal fanbase has been a target of a scam recently. In a shocking two fingers to loyalty, a message perpetrating from asking users to register their details for Dreamcast news. However, it turns out that those who did will probably have their credit cards to fund terrorism shortly. Live

Big huge online retailer of video games have recently announced “ Live”, an event in London for geeks like us. It’s taking place this weekend and features a bunch of games that are brand new, a bunch of bands I’ve never heard of, and – the reason why most men are going – Northern Crumpet Gemma Atkinson.