Retro Garden Launches With A Competition!

As a blog dedicated to retro games, I feel games nowadays are rather redundant. So, for a quick competition, you can win the relative new game Playstation 3 Game: Resistance – Fall of Man (NTSC). It was the game that pissed off Catholicism in only a way that my Chucked-Out-Of-The-Vatican arse can only dream of. For that, it’s awesome, but it got a number of critically awesome reviews.

Game On Exhibition Launches In Melbourne

Australians have a chance of playing some fantastic old games soon in probably one of my favourite exhibitions. The Game On Exhibition – which allows visitors to play on classic old games – will be at the ACMI centre in Melbourne until mid July. If you are a fan of old games, I’d highly recommend you go.

Wii will get Commodre 64 Games

The greatest home computer ever, the Commodore 64, is coming to the Wii Nintendo of Europe confirm. The console is looking to tap into the 1980’s computer gamers market who are now fun, wealthy, and all grown up.