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Commodore 64

The Commodore 64 was released in August 1982 in the US and UK markets by Commodore International for the original retail price of near enough $600. The computer was known for it's SID chip, a chip that produced amazing tunes and sound effects for the time (the chip was used upto the mid 90's in PC sound cards. That, in combination with the great graphics for the time, made it an excellent machine for gaming.

Some of my favourite games were released for the C64, and it was the computer I had growing up. The games combined the great gameplay seen in Spectrum and ZX81 games, along with attractive full graphics and memorable tunes.

Thanks to TMR of Oldschool Gaming for correcting a few factual errors in some of these reviews.

Commodore 64 Reviews

Cosmic Causeway
Creatures 2: Torture Trouble
Magicland Dizzy
The Detective Game

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