A Look at some New NES Games: Justice Duel, Creepy Brawlers & Little Medusa

A Look at some New NES Games: Justice Duel, Creepy Brawlers & Little Medusa

Mega Cat Studios, a small developer with the ability to create NES and VR Games, recently contacted us with news on their latest three NES Games. These games are reproductions – actually using cartridges and playable on actual Nintendo Entertainment Systems. More and more of these companies have popped up so this post will look at 3 of Mega Cat Studios’ games.

Justice Duel

Justice Duel is a video game in which AI versions of past presidents face-off against one another whilst jousting atop genetically engineered eagles. It’s a Joust Clone with quite a unique concept but has some great features:-

  • Up to four players can duel one another locally (requires Four Score)
  • Four playable figures from American history, including Abraham Lincoln and General Lee
  • Four arenas for dueling, from the Capitol Building to the U.S.S. Independence
  • Bombs, missiles, bear traps and firecrackers as weapons.
  • 20 Achievements.

Overall, an interesting concept, plus having a four player multiplayer game on the NES is a rarity, Joust is also a hugely popular game and this looks like a very good clone on a system I don’t believe to have such a game, so if you are a fan of Joust check out this game.

Creepy Brawlers

Creepy Brawlers combines retro-styled video game boxing and silver screen terrors in a knock-out package. Face off against eleven monsters, from the Doppleganger who’ll steal your face (and your moves), to Frankenstein’s monster, who won’t stay down for anything- especially not the referee. The game’s putrid pugilists are prepared to punch your precious, peachy cheeks into the grave- lose the round, and you’ll lose your soul.

Each monster has multiple forms- during a fight, you’ll soon discover that there’s more to each brawler than meets the eye! You’ll need to have your counter attacks at the ready to knock back whatever comes at you. You may float like a butterfly, but according to the clown, everybody seems to do that.

  • Creepy Brawlers is an actual NES game, cartridge and all.
  • Eleven monsters to fight, inspired by classic horror stories
  • Four arenas, including the Monster Movie Mansion and top secret Laboratory 52
  • Evolving enemies- This isn’t even my final form!
  • An achievement system, with 18 achievements to unlock

Overall, this looks like a version of Punch Out, which is one of NES’ best game, so if you are a fan of Punch Out, be sure to check out this game.

Little Medusa

Little Medusa is an action adventure game that involves using Medusa’s unique powers to solve puzzles. By using the ability to turn the monsters into stone, Medusa can use the rocks to solve puzzles, and advance up Mount Olympus.

  • Little Medusa was developed from the ground up for the Nintendo Entertainment System- it comes on a cartridge!
  • Five worlds full of puzzles to solve and monsters to petrify.
  • An exciting story inspired by Greek mythology
  • Over 20 achievements to unlock.
  • Beat the game fast enough and you’ll uncover a secret 6th world.
  • A rock-solid challenge.
  • A wide assortment of enemies to face, including the legendary Titans!

This is a fascinating game with a unique concept, and it looks amazing!

To check out more from Mega Cat Studios, be sure to check out their site, Facebook & Twitter accounts.

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