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Face it, with the possible exception of the Mortal Kombat, Final Fantasy and Resident Evil movies, most videogame movies have been rubbish. Street Fighter was weak, Super Mario Brothers was painful, and Doom? Eurgh.

The problem with video game movies is that they don’t usually follow the game storylines. Super Mario Brothers was dark and horrible, Street Fighter’s good guys were bad guys (and vice versa), and Doom’s rugged marine was the far too handsome Dwayne Johnson. It’s no surprise that games movies that were liked followed the video game storylines they came from.

Thankfully, since the birth of video sharing websites such as Youtube, people have been making “Fake” Trailers for movies. Surprisingly, these look pretty good, and I think it would be great to see a feature film out of them.

The first is Pacman, and it seems to be based really heavily on the Batman style of storylines: Criminals have taken over a city, and it’s upto a vigilante to do the right thing. However, the criminals are replaced by ghosts, and Batman is replaced by Pacman. The ghosts look a bit rubbish, and it appears to encourage drug taking, it’s scores big for including a fairly hot Ms. Pac Man.

Quality of Possible Film Made From This – Serious film, which will be viewed as a below average superhero movie.

Secondly is Tetris: The Movie, a game there has been a number of joke trailers. However, this is by far the best. It’s the future, and Tetris is a game played between pilots. The main character’s brother gets killed in a Tetris match by the Tetris Champion. He then becomes a Tetris pilot with the aid of a few friends to help defeat the Tetris Champion.

Quality of Possible Film Made From This – I think this will be Sin City esque in appearance, and could be quite good.

Minsweeper is the first movie to be based on a desktop game, and the trailer doesn’t give any idea what the story is. However, the trailer does give an idea of what a possible film based on Minesweeper would be, a jokey parody of war films.

Quality of Possible Film Made From This – Good ironic low budget war film parody. Cult classic.

The Zelda Movie trailer was probably one of the more impressive April Fools Gags ever. If you don’t know the story (and if you don’t, you really shouldn’t be here), Link – a young man of normal trade, goes to Hyrule, becomes a hero and saves the Princess Zelda. Reports that this (along with Metroid) are the two most coveted franchises for a movie that hasn’t already been snapped up. However Shigeru Mayamoto has stopped giving out his franchises to make money after the clusterfuck that was Super Mario Brothers. It will be interesting to see that if there ever becomes a film.

Quality of Possible film Made – Epic.

How about you? What games would you like to see movies?  Have you seen any film trailers that could fit here? Retroer the better!

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