OC ReMix Interview (Part 1)

Over the next four weeks, Retro Garden will be interviewing David W. Lloyd (OC ReMix Founder, HD Remix Soundtrack Director, ReMixer) & Larry Oji (OC ReMix Head Submissions Evaluator, HD Remix Assistant Soundtrack Director), from the popular website OC ReMix, to talk about Retro Gaming, Remixing Music, and their work on the upcoming Street Fighter game Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. It’s a great interview, so here’s part one, talking about Retro Gaming.

Retro Gaming

1. First question, a little of your gaming backgrounds. What was your first computer or gaming memory?

David W. Lloyd (djpretzel): Playing Air Sea Battle on the Atari 2600 against my sisters… that was a looong time ago.  I also remember when our family bought a Colecovision, and how “impressive” the graphics advances were in Smurfs.  We also played quite a bit of Spy Hunter on our Commodore 128.

Larry Oji (Liontamer): I’m sure I’m played stuff back before I got an NES, but my first solid gaming memory was my uncle buying my twin brother and me an NES, with Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt and the Zapper, for our 6th birthday.

2. Onto the games themselves, what would you say was your favourite classic game?

djpretzel: I spent a lot of quality time with the Sega Master System ports of Shinobi and Space Harrier… my first platformer, though, was Alex Kidd in Miracle World, and I think that might be my favorite.  All the cool kids at school had NESs, but I was happy to be the iconoclast with my SMS.

Larry Oji: Super Mario Bros. 3 is my winner. My mom went the extra mile and also picked up the Nintendo Power strategy guide for it, so I knew the game inside and out. As much as nearly anyone would love that game, having access to all the secrets only enhanced how fun it was. If Nintendo knows what’s good for them, the Tanooki suit will make a comeback!

3. Would you say you preferred classic arcade gaming, or classic gaming at home?

djpretzel: When it comes to fighting games, arcade all the way… but before SF2, there wasn’t much of that.  I can definitely say that Space Harrier and especially Galaxy Force II were much more immersive experiences in the arcades, as was the tilt cockpit cabinet version of After Burner.  All in all, though, I had more fun playing with my friends and family at home than I did in the arcades, and certain experiences like Miracle World and the original Phantasy Star could really only be done properly at home.

Larry Oji: I didn’t have much money growing up, and there weren’t any arcades close to my hometown of New Haven, CT. Even if there had been one nearby, I couldn’t afford to plunk quarters in a machine all day. Gaming at home was just fine, especially games my twin brother and I could play at once. We had a great time working together on stuff like Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time. And then we always tried to kick each other’s ass at Street Fighter II.

4. Which classic franchise would you like to see reincarnated?

djpretzel: I’d like to see Planet Harriers ported to SOMETHING, and I’d like to see Space Harrier III on the PS3/360 – dodecahedrons in 1080p!!  I also always thought Alex Kidd sorta got the shaft when Sonic took over; it’d be interesting to see Sega do something there.  Also, I was talking with some gamers at Otakon recently about how great the original ActRaiser soundtrack was… it’s criminal to me that Square Enix hasn’t considered ActRaiser 3.  Of course, they’d need to reemphasize the strategy/overhead elements, which is where the sequel went wrong, and obviously get Yuzo Koshiro to do the score!

Larry Oji: Streets of Rage. Didn’t have to think twice. Eventually, someone at Sega is gonna realize they dropped the ball on that franchise and need to pick it back up. We just need the right people in place, and it’ll return. BoMbErGaMeS did a great job with their free fan-made game Streets of Rage Remake, which they’re continuing to improve. Meanwhile, Capcom’s shown with Mega Man 9 that new editions of old school games still merit attention and can generate substantial revenue. Sega could easily buy out Streets of Rage Remake, ask BoMbErGaMeS to pull the free game, have them further develop and refine the game for another year, and then unleash it on the online platforms. That would be a lot smarter business than issuing a cease and desist letter, leaving money on the table, and drawing negative word of mouth for shutting down a fan work that’s only kept the franchise alive for Sega to capitalize on. I’m not implying Sega would go that route, it would just be a shame if they did.

5. What is your favourite tune from any video game?

djpretzel: At this specific moment, I’ll go with the title theme from Phantasy Star III… but my answer will probably change in the next 15 minutes.

Larry Oji: Oh, that’s tough, Rhys, you can’t ask that! [laughs] The in-game music from Cheetahmen II. As an answer, it’s half joke, half serious. Damn good theme.

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  1. First of all, i realy hope you guys don’t smoke pot oO… realy, thats just not good, we need you with all your brain to make this piece of gold ^^’

    Anyway… i love the song of the last boss of “yoshi’s island”, can you make another one?. Also, i know this is not what you do, but i like the “doom dragon” from golden sun 2… can you do it?

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