Play Expo Manchester 2016 Roundup Video

So last weekend I attended Play Expo in Manchester for a day or two of gaming, from classic machines to new machines to even pinball. Of course, I was drawn to the indie titles on offer so I thought I’d do a review of the event, and what games I liked. Here it is below.

Video Transcript

Like all Play Expo’s the one this year in Manchester had a theme. This year’s theme was surrounding the 20 year anniversary of Tomb Raider, with guests and panelists themed to Lara Croft’s adventures.

However my favourite find was in the Pinball area with the Baby Pac-Man machine. This machine combined both Pac-Man & Pinball, that saw you play the pinball to improve score, get power pills and upgrade your fruit, before jumping into a game of Pac-Man. This hybrid machine is well worth hunting out. Sorry for the portrait video.

A lot of the expo was dedicated to newer titles, from the games I did play I did quite enjoy Tekken 7, which I’m delighted to see it get a release on the Xbox One.

From the indie section I quite enjoyed Dragon Bros, which was a run and gun shooter with a unique look that isn’t too different from Metal Slug. With great graphics, cracking sound and solid controls, it’s well worth checking out.

Based on Uridium, Hyper Sentinel is a return to it’s classic from it’s original publishers. This is Uridium brought into the 21st century, with a thumping soundtrack, great graphics and a frantic play, this may just be better than the original.

Also, a shout out for WiFi Wars, a massively multiplayer stage show. If it comes to your town, be sure to find it and go with your friends. It’s superb.

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