30 Years of Nintendon’t – A New Sega Megadrive Game from Dr. Ludos

We’ve covered Dr. Ludos’ game Sheep It Up!┬ábefore, and they contacted us about their new game – 30 Years of Nintendon’t. This game is quite a quick game, that requires you to convert Super Nintendo and Nintendo players to Sega Megadrive.

In it, you ask a Nintendo gamer to pick their favourite game, and then try and match them up with a game they may like. If they like it, you convert the user to Sega, otherwise they are Nintendo. You get 30 seconds to convert as many people as possible.

It’s quite a quick and tricky game to play, as you need a knowledge of both Sega Megadrive and Nintendo games, and what games are close to each other, and you need to think on your feet to win the game.

As of right now, you can only play the game online at the above link, or download a ROM to put onto a flash drive. Alternatively you will be able to purchase it as a cartridge soon from Catskull Games.

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