64 Bit Emulation comes to Evercade

As part of the Piko Interactive Collection 4, Blaze Entertainment is happy to announce that Nintendo 64 is the newest console to be emulated by it’s popular handheld system, The Evercade. It announced it late last week as part of it’s latest round of it’s popular cartridges.

The cult classic title Glover will be released in its 64-bit version on the upcoming Piko Interactive Collection 4 physical cartridge. Having been rebuilt from scratch by studio Byteswap Labs and Maximilian Wendell, Blaze Entertainment has been able to add some modern optimisations along with refinements for Evercade including control optimisation for Evercade and Super Pocket consoles.

We have published a Glover Nintendo 64 Review on our site, with reviewer Dante Mathis stating “It may not be the most popular Nintendo 64 game on the market, but I’d highly recommend it, and I still pop this faithful creature in to this very day, if not just to show friends and loved ones how ridiculous the late nineties were in the video game world.”.

As well as Glover, there are 9 other games, including Street Racer. It appears to be the Super Nintendo version from the trailer and I’ve wrote a Street Racer SNES Review, stating “I do love this game, it’s remarkably fun. The Mode 7 chip on the SNES really handles the levels well, and – save for a few niggles, this game would be the best karting game ever…. It does in my eyes beat the original Mario Kart in terms of fun, playability and lack of frustration…”.

Furthermore, in addition to Piko Interactive Collection 4, Evercade is also releasing more games from the famous Japanese publisher Sunsoft. With Sunsoft Collection 2, there are seven titles from 8, 16 and 32-bit consoles that are not only fan favourites but rare titles that hold significant prices in the modern day.

These cartridges retail for £17.99 and will release in April 2024. We’re looking to put these on our Evercade Shop soon after.

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