Dreamcast Users Get Scammed

dreamcastthumb.jpg“Do You Still Have a Dreamcast?”

That was a question that appeared to be associated with dreamcast.com. It seemed logical enough, and it got tongues wagging as to what will be shown on the upcoming 1oth anniversary of Sega’s 128-bit console.

However, it’s turned out that the gaming giant can’t afford the $5/year for the upkeep of a domain name, and it has lapsed. Some intrepid phisher sent out word with the information on it, and now has a username and password gamers use for numerous things. Not good.

Domain droppers (people who buy expired domains and sell them on) must be salivating. What’ll be the next domain based on an old computer? Surely 3do have been out of business long enough for them not to bother with domains anymore?

However, for us gamers, if you did enter your email and “a suitable password” into the registration box on dreamcast.com, you’d better check your e-mail. And Paypal. And your house.

Of course, us retro users said “No, we’ve got two, why did you ask?” to the question, and got confused which e-mail to register under.

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