Game On Exhibition Launches In Melbourne

arcadethumb.jpgA fantastic exhibition launches today in Melbourne, profiling old games.

The Game On Exhibition, which started life in London, heads to the Australian Centre for the Moving Image for three months.

The exhibition showcases around 130-150 important games in history, from Computer Space through to Guitar Hero. All the games are played on their original systems and controls. As well as this, merchandise will be sold and there will be artwork, concept drawings and other memorabilia in the show.

I went to the show in London (incidentally on a date!), and it was a fabulous exhibition. Just walking through the door it was like a path from my childhood, all the games I could remember, and many more I had yet to play. I made it my personal mission to leave as many high scores as possible. So, if you go to the Melbourne show, and you see “RYS” on Street Fighter, Ridge Racer, or Point Blank. Just remember – I set that score.

Have you been to the show? What was your highlight from it?


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One thought on “Game On Exhibition Launches In Melbourne

  1. bollocks – I beat you on street fighter! (my first time evar playing it too!)

    oh I was the date btw lolz

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