Log Jammers: Kickstarter Campaign is Live

I’ve covered some of Mega Cat Studios games before, well they recently got in touch about their latest game – Log Jammers. This is a Windjammers vibe game with two versions being produced, a NES version and a PC version, each with it’s own features. The PC version features online multiplayer & Twitch Interactives allowing chatters to choose how the game is effective.

The NES version, however, has one of the best backing rewards: A Wooden NES cartridge! Yes for $150 you get the NES version on a unique NES cartridge. It is quite a backer reward!

This is a competitive, arcade  sports game featuring ax-throwing, blade-catching action with a retro vibe in the vein of Windjammers. Unique character abilities, funky arenas, and trash-talking timber beasts will keep you chopping!  NES & PC are ready for play!


  • Slam your axe into your opponent’s goal in fast-paced blade tossing carnage!
  • Activate power-ups to set your blade ablaze or cover your opponent in slippery oil!
  • Grab the star to unleash each character’s unique special throw!
  • Choose a timber beast with a level of speed, technique, and swoleness that suits your play style!
  • Jam out in funky arenas like a mayonnaise factory spill, 80s hell, and a peaceful beaver pond!
  • Get to know colorful characters, like Bruiser Bogardus, the strong man who makes exercise equipment out of wood, or the Mayonnaise Monsoon, a bloated corpse who died in an industrial condiment accident
  • Revel in victory as your lumberjack trash talks your vanquished opponent!
  • A physical cartridge NES version for hardcore fans and retro enthusiasts is also available!
  • Amp up the body count in cheerleader mode!

Details on the kickstarter including levels and backing rewards are available on their kickstarter page. As of today there’s just over 20 days to go on the kickstarter. You can read further information about the NES game at the Mega Cat Studios’ website.

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