New Gameboy Release – Sheep it Up!

We were approached by indie developer Dr. Ludos. who contacted us about their new game – Sheep it Up! It looks like a Doodlejump clone for the Game Boy, which isn’t a bad thing! In fact it looks quite good and a simple game like this would work well on the Game Boy, perfect for whiling away a long journey.

It’s an arcade game where a sheep has to climb up by hanging himself to flying velcro straps. The concept is simple, but the game rapidly gets quite challenging: how high can you climb without falling down? Here is a quick gameplay video.

You can get the game for $15 (+shipping) directly from the publisher website:

The game will run on any Gameboy model, from the first one to the GBA SP, including the Super Game Boy.

Oh, and if you’re a game collector, don’t worry: the publisher told us that all the cartridge elements (pcb, rom, shell, protective case, etc.) are manufactured for this game: no vintage Gameboy cartridge was destroyed / recycled to manufacture Sheep It Up!

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