Big huge online retailer of video games have recently announced “ Live”, an event in London for geeks like us. It’s taking place this weekend and features a bunch of games that are brand new, a bunch of bands I’ve never heard of, and – the reason why most men are going – Northern Crumpet Gemma Atkinson.

Yes this post was a lazy attempt to get a gratuatous shot of Gemma Atkinson holding a wii remote. She’s not even holding it correctly! Of all the possible ways to hold it, that isn’t one of them.

Anyway, here’s a latest press release.

“ Live is set to be the best entertainment experience in the UK for 2008, showcasing all of the hottest entertainment and games titles being released within the next 12 months. The fantastic two-day event offers enjoyment for all the family, and will feature performances from great bands, appearances from celebrities and huge competition prizes, plus everyone gets a fantastic goody bag!”

Is anybody going to this? More importantly, if you are, let us all know what’s in the goody bag. I’m suspecting mousemat and a Double Dip.

Tickets are £6 and avaiable from

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