Retro Garden Launches With A Competition!

sitenewsthumb.jpgAs a blog dedicated to retro games, I feel games nowadays are rather redundant. So, for a quick competition, you can win the relative new game Playstation 3 Game: Resistance – Fall of Man (NTSC). It was the game that pissed off Catholicism in only a way that my Chucked-Out-Of-The-Vatican arse can only dream of. For that, it’s awesome, but it got a number of critically awesome reviews.

But this is not just any copy of the game, oh no. This is a game formally owned by legendary blogger John Cow. Proof can be provided if you want to (if you consider “Proof” to be an envelope with “This game used to be the property of John Cow, mooooo!” written on it), but trust me on this, it did.

So, how do you win? Well, write a blog post on Retro Garden of any length, linking to the site (you can use the Link To Us! resources if you wish), and also to this competition post. You get 2 entries if you write it separate from another post, and 1 entry if it’s included within another post. On Easter Monday, I will draw a name out of a easter basket, they will win the game. They will also win 200 Entrecard points, and I’ll see what else I can sort out.

One other rule: entrants must be from “decent blogs”. I know there’s a bunch of “contest blogs” out there who’s sole purpose is to enter contests. Generally I won’t be accepting these unless I consider you a worthwhile blog with a bit of activity (I’m going on this list as “Worthwhile”, but it’s not definitive).

Questions in the comment box below. Good luck!

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