Retro Reunited – 12th & 13th September – Huddersfield


Retro events are not exactly common, there’s a few dotted about, but they not common. As part of a new direction of the site, I will try to cover them to get a little more publicity to them. Plus I also plan on attending a few.

Retro Reunited will be taking place at the Cedar Court Hotel, Huddersfield on the 12th and 13th September this year. The hotel will be taken over for the two days by fans of retrogaming & gaming for gaming, competitions, raffles & special guests.

So who are these special guests? Well amongst them are Jon Ritman (producer of Match Day & Head Over Heels amongst other games for the Sinclair Spectrum), Archer McLean (one of those names that sell games, and produced IK+ and Dropzone, as well as more famously Jimmy White’s Worldwind Snooker & Archer McLean’s Pool) & Jon Hare (one of the founders of Sensible Software, who created Sensible World of Soccer & Cannon Fodder, amongst others).

Another fun thing that happening at this event is the “Homebrew Special”. Something I’d love to get involved with on this site is reviewing Homebrew Games. Games that are for old systems, pushing the boundaries of the system’s capabilities. A Commodore 64 game will be developed by TMR at the event, and one lucky attendee will be digitised into the game itself.

There will also be a charity auction and raffle to win some great retro themed prizes, and money raised will be donated to Shelter – The Housing and Homelessness Charity.

Tickets for this event are available at The Retro Reunited Site and are £12 each for both days. Retro Garden will be at the event as well, so if you spot me (I’ll let you know how to find me), come over and say hi!

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