Sega Master System Games Coming To The Wii

Sega Master System games are coming to the Wii, Nintendo Confirmed. The console, a prerunner to the Megadrive, was most famously known for it’s built in games – something which hasn’t be replicated since.

The games are set to be released for the price of 400 Wii Points (£2.80) , which is good, as I cannot remember a particularly memorable Master System game that wasn’t taken from the Megadrive or Arcades. The first games are Wonder Boy (which is rather cool) and Fantasy Zone (which I’ve never played)

I’m sorry, it always appeared to be a bit of a poor mans Nintendo, but I’m sure somebody will prove me wrong. What were the good games for the Master System?

Rather excitingly – under the “Master System” banner they are planning to release Game Gear games. No idea on the price of them though.


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