World Of Goo – Donationware for 3 Days

Some of you may remember my World of Goo review for the Modern Day Retro section a while back – well turns out that game is over a year old, and they are now celebrating by having a three day donationware sale.

wogsaleI would urge you to donate whatever you can to this ace game. It’s by far the best puzzle game released in the last 4 years, with great graphics, amazing soundtrack, and is more addictive than crack flavoured Pringles.

And hell, if you want to donate $0.01, then you can, but really, donate more you tight arse!

Incidentally, I donated $1. Largely because I had the game already on the Wii.

Be sure to tweet/stumble/share this, as it’s a crime if this game goes unnoticed.

Click here to get this game.

It’s still available to buy from Amazon, Click Here To Buy

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