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Welcome to Retro Garden, a site dedicated to finding and reviewing classic games, offering advice on Retro Gaming, and generally providing a warm and fluffy community for gamers to find out about games and old consoles. So if you're from the generation where "Waggling your joystick in your bedroom" was not a euphemism, or are dabbling your feet in retro games to begin with, then you will hopefully find some use to this site.

Latest Retro Gaming Reviews

A Look at some New NES Games: Justice Duel, Creepy Brawlers & Little Medusa

Mega Cat Studios has been cranking out NES Games recently. Games on actual replica cartridges with box art and everything! Here's a look at three of their latest games: Justice Duel, Little Medusa and Creepy Brawlers. Three games, each incredibly different, and each capturing the essence of the NES.

New Gameboy Release – Sheep it Up!

The Indie Scene in gaming right now is thriving, we all know that, however people are now making games on the original hardware and original cartridges, including Dr. Ludos. This is a look at their brand new game: Sheep it Up!

SNES Mini Review

Ah. So Nintendo has finally begun to use more of it's IP elsewhere. It's started with the NES Mini Classic, and now has expanded to the SNES Mini Classic. In this review, I take a look at the console, what it is like as well as any problems. Should you - as a fan of Super Nintendo - be looking to acquire this machine? Let's take a look.

Counter Strike Review

Fun fact, one of my favourite games in University was the original Counter Strike. I absolutely loved it, and had many hours of enjoyment playing it with my housemate. Times moved on, and I no longer frequent de_dust, but Counter Strike still exists. In this review, Alex Miller takes a look at the original from the turn of the millennium.

Pokémon Red & Blue Review

Pokemon recently hit a massive milestone with 20 years of games. It's grown to become a huge phenomenon. But today, new reviewer Giovanni Zappavigna reviews both the Generation Games: Pokemon Red & Blue.

House of the Dead Review

Zombies, eh? They are seemingly everywhere today, but what of 20 years ago? Well they were in a popular Sega Franchise - The House of The Dead. In this review new reviewer Vicki Salisbury will share her thoughts on House of the Dead.

Play Expo Manchester 2016 Roundup Video

Last weekend I attended the Play Expo in Manchester which was held at Event City. As the Play Blackpool round up was super popular, I thought I would review this event with a video. What did I like, and what would I suggest you check out?

Krakow Pinball Museum Thoughts

Recently I went to Poland for a holiday and a week of relaxation. On one of my quieter days I did a search for things to do, and found a museum in Krakow dedicated to pinball. So I thought I'd pay a visit. Here is what I found and saw. If you're in the area, is it worth getting? Here's my thoughts on it.

Golf With Your Friends Review

Mini golf is a game that does transfer well to video games, so this week we look at Golf with Your Friends, a fun retro style game on Steam that is in it's alpha stages. But what's it like to play? In this video review, I review Golf With your Friends.