Released by Blaze Entertainment in May 2020, the Evercade is a retro range of computers for those of a certain age who yearn for the days of a tactile gaming experience.

The console was released as a love letter to classic gaming. It’s a console with modern sensibilities – free games, wifi and modern connections, but the main feature is how you collect games. Cartridges are released, for around £20 at the absolute most, and contain a number of games. Starting with libraries from the home computer and console market from yesteryear, Evercade cartridges expanded to include popular indie titles and arcade hits.

The cartridges are a throwback to classic cartridges – a jewel case, containing a cartridge with the games on it, and instruction manuals are all present on the Evercade, these become a must have collector item for any Retro Game aficionado.

Evercade followed up the original console with the VS: a home console variant, and the EXP: which expanded the library with built in games from Capcom, including Street Fighter II, 1942 and many other arcade games. Super Pocket was the next release, which was an unbranded version with Taito or Capcom built in games. All were compatible with every Evercade cartridge.

With regular updates and a vibrant community, Evercade is a fanstastic addition to any Retro Game fan.

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