Bitmap Books

Bitmap Books, established in 2014 by Sam Dyer, is a design led publisher of classic retro video game and nostalgia books for those fans of classic video games and franchises. Marrying together striking visual design and strong storytelling – Bitmap Books range of books are a must have for fans of classic games and franchises.

Since it’s first book (C0mmodore 64: A Visual Compendium), Bitmap Books have been able to speak to some of the industry leading names – such as Mark Cerny, Ste and John Pickford, Tim Schafer, Ron Gilbert, and Yasuyuki Oda – to feature in their books. Furthermore, although most of their offerings have been unofficial tomes, they have partnered with influential outfits such as SEGA, SNK and Atari to create officially-licensed books that come complete with enhanced access and exclusive assets. Away from video games they also publish books on franchises like Micro Machines and H.G. Wells

Upon receiving a book order, they are shipped worldwide in Eco Friendly packaging. The books themselves are expertly printed, weaved together using thread for durability. They also include incredibly deep touches such as metallic prints. Even some books contain speakers so you can hear the game’s sound effects. A talking piece for a coffee table, these books are a must for any fan.

Celebrating 10 years of publishing books in 2024, Bitmap Books continue to go from strength to strength.

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