Game Boy: The Box Art Collection


372 Page coffee table book covering the history and games of the Game Boy and the box art, in a full colour book – with contributions from some noted Game Boy collectors.


The Game Boy: The Box Art Collection from Bitmap Books is a full 372 page colour coffee table book detailing the box art of one of the most popular systems of all time: The Nintendo Game Boy.

Containing a forward from Jean-Jacques Calbayrac (AKA GameboyCameraMan), this book contains a full colour prints of the box art of over 300 Game Boy games, along with information and screenshots of the game. Containing both eastern and western games, this book has had professional translations of the titles of Japanese games into Romaji (believed to be a world first!). The Game Boy contained stripped down versions of many franchises that are still around today, such as Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Mega Man, Castlevania, Gradius and Final Fantasy. Although smaller, and less powerful and colourful, these games are fondly remembered by collectors and fans.

Speaking of collectors, this book contains contributions from notable names in the Nintendo Game Boy World, including Jas Austin, Jean-Jacques Calbayrac, Tim Girvin, Vincent Haucourt, Michael Lynch, Paul Machacek, Damien McFerran and Chris Sutherland. Upon purchasing the book from Bitmap Books you’ll receive a free PDF version of the book, so you can enjoy the book dedicated to the Nintendo Monochrome handheld in full colour immediately.

Game Boy: The Box Art Collection also boasts a metallic silver textured cover with a metallic blue foil logo. Printed on high quality paper, the Game Boy: The Box Art Collection book is a perfect purchase for any fan of Nintendo’s first foray into the handheld world.