Publisher: Midway

Release Year: 1993


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May 24th 2010 A Playstation 3 arrives with 3 top games ready to be placed under my 50” plasma.  May 25th I’m sat up in my office with NBA Jam TE for the Mega Drive running on a 32” TV from the late 90’s.  The Playstation didn’t even get a look in.

I originally put NBA on a few days before my PS3 arrival and was first shocked about how old the title is now… 1994!! 16 years!  Then the second shock came; NBA Jam Tournament Edition is even more playable today than it ever has been.

Today’s games lack the sheer playability that a simple 2 on 2 arcade style Basket ball game can bring about.  With a nice and simple 3 button controller (no 6 axis here thank you very much) I was able to find my steal, shoot and turbo buttons in no time.

NBA Jam takes a bare bones approach to the action packed world of b-ball which will bring out the competitive streak in even the most placid players.  Along with the simple arcade playability there is also the arcade showman ship, score 3 hoops in a row and your “on fire” that’s when the gravity defying slam dunks and ludicrous 3 pointers take place until the opposition score a basket or you hit four in a row.   With a total of 27 teams to pit your skills against and no fouls, free throws or violations (goaltending excluded) you’re in for some fast paced uninterrupted gaming nirvana.  Playing alone is fine but to really appreciate this beauty, get your mates round!

Luckily the game has aged well and still looks pretty good, the sound effects fit well with the arcade style but the commentary can at time be pretty repetitive especially if it’s the old catch phrase “ugly shot” keeps getting aimed at you.

There is also a lack of Michael Jordan and other stars from Basketballs’ better era but not being blunt, who cares?  I don’t think a lack of certain players takes away anything from a game that allows you to literally smash the backboard into tiny pieces.  Track stats just by entering your initials/name or perform crazy ass high in the sky slam dunk causing the other teams players to hit the deck.  If some how you get bored of standard playing there is also the infamous Easter eggs to hunt down.

With different versions and different platforms available this title can be picked up for next to nothing on auction sites and must be owed even if you’re not a fan of Basketball or even sport games.  It’s a cracking game which when played will lead to some of the most tense and fun moments you can get on a Mega Drive or a SNES regardless of your walk of life or what you normally enjoy playing.

Apart from NHL hitz and NFL blitz there isn’t really anything within the last few years that have come close to the arcade sports fun you can have on Jam. With a wii version in the pipeline that looks like it will stay true to the original, this Jam fan will be charging his controllers in anticipation.

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3 thoughts on “NBA Jam

  1. One of my all-time favorite games – both the arcade version and the excellent Genesis port. Modern baseketball games are a lot more complex but not nearly as fun.

  2. After a long session on this beast I ended up on Ebay in search of a cab…. I don’t think the other half had quite the same amount of enthusiasm or love for that particular desire.

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