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Released in 1993, the Panasonic 3DO was one console that promised so much but delivered so little. First released in 1994, the Panasonic 3DO was marketted as a complete audio and video system. It played CD’s (probably the first console to do that), Photo CD’s and Video CD’s as well as games. However it’s ultimate downfall was it’s price. It was at the time of launch near on $700 in the US markets, and around £400 in the UK region, this console was marketed to a market that didn’t exist, and as such it kinda tanked.

Which was a shame, as the console had some of the best home conversions available. Despite it’s price, it was nearly successful in the fact that it’s best games were ported from the PC, which at the time left a £1,000 hole in your pocket. Some of the games included Alone in the Dark & Myst. Also, there were some popular titles including Gex, Crash & Burn and Need for Speed. All three of those games have become popular franchises on other consoles after the demise of the 3DO. Furthemore, the adaptation of Road Rash was considered the best ever, and the console recieved better than arcade quality ports of Super Street Fighter II Turbo (the first console to get that game) and Samurai Showdown.

Which brings us onto it’s popularity today. Now the console is very cheap (under £50, most selling between £20 and £30), it is great for people wanting to play some of these fabulous versions of software. Why not see if you can pick up a bargain today!

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Panasonic 3DO FZ-1 (Console Only) *Spares Or Repair*

£39.00  (1 bid)
End Date: Sunday Dec-03-2023 17:30:01 GMT


Battle Chess (Panasonic 3DO)


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The Need for Speed (Panasonic 3DO)


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Megadrive Bundle (Megadrive)


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Captain Quazar Panasonic 3do


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GRID Legends (PS5)


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Space Pirates - Panasonic 3DO Game - Long Box


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Marvel SpiderMan Miles Morales (PS5)


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