Acorn Archimedes & Acorn Electron Games & Computer Systems

First released in 1987, the Acorn Archimedes was the bane of every network administrator throughout the UK in schools. The Acorn Archimedes was popular in school, and was the first 32 Bit computer, built on ARM architecture. Acorn had the contract to put computers into schools throughout the UK (which surprisingly it didn’t stop them from going under), and they were everywhere. In fact, they were in both my high school and primary school.

Which meant mischief. You see, most PC games came out for the Acorn Archimedes. Primary school we managed to find a couple of games including Lemmings, Manchester United Europe and Chuck Rock. They were surprisingly open about letting us play them as well. The high school game was one – Wolfenstein 3D. Unsurprisingly, having Nazi regalia and bloody violence wasn’t particularly popular with the staff, and as such I regularly got into trouble.

Nevertheless, there are still a few games that crop up now and again, here’s what we’ve got at the moment.

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