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The piece da resistance of any collector – a fully working arcade machine. Popular in the mid 1980s to mid 1990s, arcade machines were either one of two formats – non standard and JAMMA. JAMMA was used by a number of Japanese manufacturers to keep down costs. Instead of having PCB’s to be rewired, JAMMA games offered a more cost effective plug & play system to most arcade games. As such they often had very similar controls (joystick and upto six buttons), and there were numerous similar cabinets with different games located in Arcades.

Of course, non standard are also popular, with more fancy cabinets. In fact, these ones have stood the test of time. Games usually are locked in to the cabinet, and are usually of a certain type (driving and gun games mainly). These games are a little more expensive than most JAMMA cabinets.

The third type of cabinet are MAME Cabinets. These are similar to standard JAMMA cabinets, except have a PC running MAME on them. Often you’ll find the cabinets below ready to put a PC in. Legal issues will mean you’ll have to acquire the rest of MAME yourself.

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