Intellivision Games & Consoles

Released in early 1979, the Intellivision (Intelligent Television) was a trailblaizer in a number of ways. For one, it was the world’s first 16 bit console (a full decade before the next one), secondly it was the first console you could download games (using your cable TV connection), but the real beauty with the Intellivision was that – whilst it was supremely powerful compared to the Atari 2600, and better made in general (it had the fewest technical faults of all consoles) – it was the original games that sold it.

Yes, Mattell spent a lot of money agressively recruiting programmers and it showed, some games – such as Astro Smash and Space Spartans – were brilliant little games that became synonymous with the console for years to come.

Arcade conversions did make it’s way to the console, however these were not as popular as the dedicated games. This made Intellivision sell bucketloads of consoles (3 million in total), and only the video game crash of 1983 could stop this console.

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