Retro PC Games

What format has been around longer than any other console? What format has the largest, most diverse collection of video games, a collection which continues to this day? What format still allows you to play those games you loved and enjoyed 10, 15, or even 20 years ago?

That’s right, its the PC.

Originally the brainchild of Apple, and later expanded upon by IBM, the PC (personal computer) would, over the years, become a huge, segregated market of PC manufacturers, with the only real tangible connection between them all being the operating systems running on them.

This allowed the personal computer to penetrate the market in a way consoles never could, opening them to hundreds of millions of people without needing to stick to any established manufacturer, as was the case with most home consoles.

Gaming, over the years, has become a very prominent part of the personal computer scene. The PC is often home to the biggest technological advancements in video games, long before they appear on consoles, and the PC’s mouse and keyboard set-up makes it a popular format for complex strategy games and first person shooters.

Some PC games are so huge, so popular, that they become mini-cultures in themselves. World of Warcraft and The Sims are two of the most popular examples of just how powerful a force the PC can be with the right games.

Hey, the PC might not always work as intended, and getting these old classics to run can something be a hair-tearing experience, but the little guy has been with you since your youth, and will still be with long after your PlayStations, Xboxes and Game Boys have been relegated to the distant corners of the attics.

Acer Veriton Retro Pc Tower Power Tested


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HP EliteDesk 800 G3 Mini i5-6500 16GB RAM 256GB SSD Win11 Pro. Mini PC.

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Intel Pentium E5700 Processor With Intel Cooler & 2 X 2gb DDR2-800MHz Ram

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Windows 11 Mini PC quad core 4gb RAM 128gb SSD


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Shuttle XPC Glamor (SN78SH7) PC.

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tiny pc mini tower p3 retro IBM Compatible


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Retro Windows Xp Pc Emachies


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retro gaming cables bundle used


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