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Hello! If you are viewing this page, you probably clicked on my little link on my “Twitter” page. This page will contain an intro to what this site is about, a few of my favourite posts, and what you can do to help me further.

About Retro Garden

This site is dedicated to the review and archive of retro games. I aim to educate you with a few of my favourite games, as well as look at popular games from years gone by, and how they stand up to todays games. I also occasionally write features, which look at one aspect of gaming, feature interviews with some of the big players of today & yesteryear, or any articles I think that could be interesting at any time. Also, there is a “Modern Day Retro” section, which features reviews of todays games that either are a remix of a classic game, or display retro style innovation.

Popular Posts

Below you will find some of the more popular posts I have done.

I have interviewed DJPretzel & Larry Oji from OCRemix. Read the four part interview below:-

Here’s some of my most popular lists:-

And my two most popular articles in terms of traffic from all time.


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