Write For Us!

Retro Garden are always looking for talented reviewers to write reviews. Reviews will be around 500 words on any retro game you like. We also request two images as well. We aim to build one of the biggest encyclopedic reviews for classic video games. Reviews can be for any system we class as Retro (which is the Dreamcast & back).

In return, you will get your review in front of our readers. Full credit will be given, as well as a branded link back to your own retro or gamingĀ  themed website – or any social properties you run if you don’t have a suitable website. Regular contributors will get a short bio about themselves & your website on our About Page (this can either be written by us or by yourself).

Please Note: Recently I’ve been spammed with reviewers who don’t follow the rules I lay down, here are the three rules that I have:-

  • 500 Words (at least) in length. I do allow great pieces that are under 500 words though.
  • A few images
  • No “SEO Friendly” links or links to irrelevant industries (Solicitors, Credit Cards, etc). This is the first thing I check and if they are there then they will be removed – sorry but I’m coming down hard on this now due to torrent of abuse recently for refusing guest posts. My new stance is this – If you write a post & send to me with these links, I will publish the post without these links. You don’t honour my wishes, so I won’t honour yours.

To write a review, please contact us, and I will get back to you with further details. Or just paste the review into the box, and I’ll contact you if I need any further information from you.